Medıa drıfts freely ın the cosmıc voıd – from what dımensıon do they call us? How do they reach and react to the most vulnerable, most authentıc recesses of our mınds? What do they offer to our fragıle exıstence? Are we even askıng the rıght questıons? Really, what are these ımages? And more ımportantly, who or what wıll we become through our encounters wıth them?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) emerged from the voids of cyberspace and took over the contemporary art scene in the blink of an eye. Despite their explosive emergence on the scene, their deeper meaning has yet to be revealed in our collective memory and future. Modern technology, the effects of which have yet to be fully realized, has grown into a cosmic force that not only threatens humanity’s teetering existence but could also pose a threat to life on Earth as we know it. Today, humans seem to be in search of immortality with an inexhaustible hope. This hope has traveled far and reached a daunting threshold: facing our species’ great fear, our absolute death, our extinction. Like a star collapsing in on itself, is humanity gambling on the galactic scale with an uncertain destiny?

What future lıes ahead? Are we even askıng the rıght questıons?



Posits that all answers end with a question mark. But why? To what end? For us to barricade before our existence when the earth breaks open to swallow whatever trinkets, ethics, and cherished stockpiles we have accumulated? Or to let us wander freely in the void without any center or discernable direction?

NFT Biennial, in an effort that is the first of its kind, will attempt to throw a spotlight on the potential of NFTs to become a fully-fledged art form. With a triple-dotted question mark, THE CATHARSIS OF A STRANGE PROPHECY asks you to imagine happiness beyond measure and consider a new portrait of what is familiar and what is unknown. It invites us to create a poetic human in an abstract digital universe that we will perhaps call our true home.

THE CATHARSIS OF A STRANGE PROPHECY introduces three pillars: nature, humans, and technology. Non-Binary elevates us to a mathematical plateau, effectively toppling over the thought regimes of the old world with technology. Ouroboros recasts nature as what we dream it could be rather than what we have been taught it must be. Anamnesis serves as a powerful eulogy, mourning the passing of what it once meant to be human and celebrating what it could mean to be human in the future that we are so fervently imagining.

NFT Biennial for the first time in the world attempts to throw light on the potential of NFTs to become an art form. THE CATHARSIS OF A STRANGE PROPHECY presents happiness beyond measure and the portraits of the unknown by a question mark with a triple dot.